Plans to include a “Dial-a-Doctor” service to help people clarify their doubts Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (Jipmer) commissioned an Internet radio application to disseminate health-related information among patients and the public. Jipmer Director S. Vivekanandam recently officially launched the “Jipmer Internet Radio App”, after the completionRead More →

How many people actually listen to Internet radio? Based on the high precision measurement techniques used today, no one really knows. The problem is with the methods used to measure online viewing, which has nothing to do with how live audiences are measured. Due to the unique nature of onlineRead More →

“I wanted to choose a relatively unchallenged segment,” says Kurt Hanson, CEO and founder of AccuRadio. Targeting active listeners during the day, it’s a throwback to the earliest days of webcasting, before smartphone apps took over mobile internet radio and Sonos, Roku, and Apple TV streamed digital music to homes.Read More →