‘Are you listening? The late VE Howard was known to have posed this question on the radio program “International Gospel Hour”, an evangelistic program associated with the Churches of Christ dating back to 1934. For 88 years, the question has been posed to listeners like Billy Boyd. Boyd, a memberRead More →

The modern amateur radio hut can take many forms. Some are sanctuaries, the “anchor boat” radios of yesteryear, named for their considerable weight. Others are simply a small, unpretentious software-defined radio (SDR) hooked up to a laptop. Nowadays, there are a lot of cabins somewhere in the middle. It’s notRead More →

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of quintessential music festivals, Woodstock, which saw half a million people descend on a New York State dairy farm to see legendary performances from The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Santana. An official anniversary event – Woodstock 50 – was canceled, butRead More →

Something that we thought was disappearing is back. It’s the humble radio. The man behind the revival, Paolo Novelli, and his company RadioNovelli, have spared no effort to ensure that the new high-tech radio captures the imaginations of the digital generation and those who grew up listening to the radio.Read More →

The 53-year-old building began its activities as a tourism and information center in 1965 and became Radio Seychelles in July of the same year. (Salifa Karapetyan) Photo license (Seychelles News Agency) – Seychelles’ first radio station was being demolished on Saturday, making way for a new, modern national broadcaster toRead More →

A website for the former radio talk show of Mississippi Republican Senate hopeful Chris McDaniel highlighted inflammatory comments about women and minorities, telling liberal women to “shave … your face” and denigrating Detroit residents as “bling bling” looters. The remarks were on a Squarespace website since deleted for “conservative articlesRead More →

Fans of old-fashioned radio dramas will have the opportunity to watch them come to life on Sunday at the James J. Hill Center in downtown St. Paul. The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society will offer a live reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story, “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz”.Read More →

When all other modern means of connectivity were destroyed in the recent floods, it was the good old radio that helped keep people in touch. Hakeem Rouf Qadir tells how century-old technology kept modern man’s hopes afloat Photo: Bilal Bahadur During the worst floods of the century, when road connectivity,Read More →

Hello, time traveler!This article has been published 06/28/2013 (3016 days ago), the information it contains may therefore no longer be up to date. Opinion It’s Thursday morning, three days after Larry Updike found out his contract wasn’t renewed as host of CBC Radio’s local late-afternoon show, and he’s sitting nextRead More →