Old ghosts from the past: Batavia players revisit classic Halloween radio shows | Lifestyles

BATAVIA – Sit down and listen, because you might hear something that isn’t actually there.

Batavia Players brings back old radio tracks in a show called “A Thriller Radio Revue”. Jacqueline Morrison, director and board member of Batavia Players, said it would be as if the audience were in the studio recording the old radio shows.

“It’s really fun because you can see all of these practical effects. When there are shoes that work or they squeak, we take out real shoes and walk with them, ”she said. “It’s a different acting game because you focus a lot on your voice to really portray the whole message. You don’t use your body to represent the character.

Four shows, each approximately 30 minutes long, will be presented: “Hall of Fantasy: The Shadow People”, “The Whistler: Stranger in the House”, “Shadow: The Ghost Walks Again” and “Dragnet: The Big Mask Part 2” . “

Morrison said all of the shows are fun and unique because they’re all suspense that you want to hear around Halloween. The shows were chosen after browsing old radio newspapers and plays that members of the theater had heard before when they were younger or were widespread at the time.

There are nine actors for the shows. Besides Morrison, Stephen VanValkenburg was one of them.

He has been with the Batavia Players since 2019, when he starred in King Lear.

“(Radio Revue) is interesting because you think of an audio medium because it’s inspired by an old-fashioned radio show. But you can still perform it one way because you get very exaggerated in your movements and actions, ”he said. “You can really go there with the huge hand gestures and be dramatic. … It’s fun to be free that way.

The show will take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Places will be limited in the city center of Batavia. Tickets cost $ 10 and are only available at the door.

People should use the entrance near Restaurant Sunny. Due to COVID, all participants will be required to wear masks.

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